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Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate

Larry Marvin

Courtesy: Larry Marvin Courtesy: Larry Marvin

Larry was born in Nebraska. Larry (Lawrence Don Marvin) served in our U.S. Air Force as a Czech-Bohemian language translator in West Germany, on the front line of defense, about 4 ½ miles from the Iron Curtain for 31 months: and vacationed in Central Europe and the British Isles.

Larry has run for the U.S. Senate the past three elections and is better known than the other candidates. When elected Senator, Larry will offer jobs, working for his offices, to our other three candidates for U.S. Senate, in appreciation of them offering their services to better our government. We can have better representation from day one.

Larry earned his Bachelor and Masters degrees from UNL and has majors in German, Education, History, Geography and Social Sciences. While Larry was a German teacher in West Point, NE, he joined our Democratic Party and has been active ever since, attending State Conventions, serving on the State Central Committee as delegate or alternate, County Conventions, County Fair Booths, served as Cuming County Democratic Party Treasurer, and two terms as Chairman. Larry’s extra college majors, as well as the three week seminal at Valley Forge Pennsylvania Freedom Foundation, courtesy of Nebraska Federated Women’s Club and two Taft Institutes at UNL, allow Larry to feel comfortable or right at home in the Senate, as well educated.

While Larry taught German, he also served terms as Treasurer, Vice President, President and Past President of our Nebraska Foreign Language Association. Larry also served as President of our West Point Teachers Association.

Larry served 32 years as a Volunteer Fireman 4 at Long Pine, and 28 at West Point, and was a charter member of West Point Rescue.

Larry is a frugal and progressive caretaker with equality and opportunity for all citizens. Larry gets most of his success through the power of suggestion and discussions. We can do better, I want better, and I expect better if I am paying the bill as a real estate businessman or as a taxpayer.

Two current examples are: 1) Social Security Death Benefit is only $255.00 and has not been raised in over 60 years. How much of a safety net is that? Larry suggests $4,080.00 or more. So, let’s get it done now. 2) Middle Class: this usage is very, very offensive arrogance, or ignorance, because each of us are born equal, we are equal before the law, we each have one vote, and we are all first class citizens. Let’s get this message out to those offending bullies.

I want to motivate all you Democrats and Independents to get to the polls on May 15th and vote for me and all the other good Democrats on your ballot. Let’s join the BLUE WAVE ACROSS AMERICA. My address is 635 N. Main St., Fremont, NE, 68025-5901, and thank you for voting.  

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