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Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Todd Watson

Courtesy: Todd Watson Courtesy: Todd Watson

I was born and raised in Lincoln, a former 2nd District servant on Capitol Hill (Omaha), and I am the owner of farmland in the Third District.  I understand and connect with the real working people of Nebraska in each district.

I grew up the son of a school teacher and a Realtor.  My four grandparents farmed, owned a salon, worked for Northern Natural Gas and operated as a bank teller.  Their working spirit still thrives in me.  

I ran my own lawn business in Jr. High, printed t-shirts in High School, assisted my father in his apartment management business and spent a lifetime traveling to Wayne to visit the grandparents and walk the family farms.  Cleaning toilets, painting, yard work, removing fence posts, and walking beans were part of my grunt work to mature.  After I graduated from Lincoln Southeast HS, I received a scholarship offer from TCU where I obtained my Bachelors of Business Administration degree in Accounting with a Minor in Political Science. While at TCU,  I served as the Student Body Chair for the TCU Committee of 100 (Headed up by now Congressman Roger Williams of Texas who was a car dealer at the time) to rebuild the foundation of TCU athletics plagued by a 1-10 football team.  In addition, I was a founder of a new fraternity that has changed 1,000’s of lives.  The men of the fraternity have now collectively raised over $3 million to date for PUSH America… a fraternity devoted to special needs.

Although “officials” can’t endorse, we are well liked across the armed and civil services.

While at TCU, I was fortunate to be selected to intern on a full-time basis on Capitol Hill to assist Nebraska Congressman Jon Christensen-R.  I  was able to observe how DC worked from the inside. I felt called at an early age to begin preparing for public service.  Our retired Representatives (see pic below with former Representative Bill Barrett-R…a great man) had visions for a better Nebraska.  They remain instilled in me.  I owe it to the general welfare of this state to pay it forward.  It is hard to believe I started my time in DC over 20 years ago!  Time flies.   

I spent much of my time in DC at Weighs and Means hearings.  I enjoyed the debates and studies on taxes so much that I continued my education in taxation (A nerd…I know).  I was offered a slot at the University of Texas prestigious Accounting program to obtain my Masters with an emphasis in taxation. Upon graduation, I became a CPA and went to work for KPMG, LLP.  I served clients in the Banking and Oil & Gas arena (I’ve seen the inequality in the tax code).  

I left the firm to build a consulting practice for a Fortune 500 firm (Robert Half International).  The team I assembled built a worldwide top 10 billable consulting practice in Fort Worth with the Financial/IT consultants I found for clients I brought to the company.  The success at Robert Half led me to start my own consulting firm in Scottsdale, Arizona.  We opened a second consulting practice in Dallas, Texas the following year.

After a successful run in consulting, I sold both practices in 2007 and moved to Chicago where I worked as a private trader and contracted in venture capital and consulted on acquisitions. Although I enjoyed private equity, my heart was in entrepreneurial business.  My wife and I also had a desire to raise our kids in a culture of winning values.  Those values are in Nebraska.

Congressman Bill Barrett and Todd Watson in DC circa 1997.

We moved back to Lincoln in 2009. I assumed the CEO role of our family real estate management firm.  Our firm now manages over $200 million in assets. I love serving our clients, employees, and customers to this day.  In addition to becoming CEO, we built upon our leasing technology expertise.  My brother David and I started one of the successful Silicon Prairie Tech companies. In 8 years, our company has expanded to serve clients in 37 states and has surpassed the size of our real estate firm.  In addition, I became the managing member of our family farms in Wayne, Nebraska during my tenure.  My experiences in small business, start-ups, venture capital, tech firms, and agriculture equips me with a great depth of economic experience that will help me craft Constitutional legislation that will facilitate positive economic policy. My goal will be to help grow Nebraska’s economy, which fell to 50th in the union for growth in the first quarter of 2017…(Yuck!).

I am a family man.  My wife Kelly and I have four amazing children.  Kelly is a former International Buyer for toys and worked the Asia-Pacific region for sourcing (fun…right?).  We were fortunate enough to be able to afford the decision for Kelly to stay at home and work in home/non-profit areas.  Kelly remains active as the local leader for MOPS, a ministry dedicated to investing into mothers of preschool-aged children.  She enjoys pioneering Christian Yoga instruction in her spare time.

I continue to serve on the Lincoln Christian School Finance Board, the Board of Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Southeast Nebraska, and the Lincoln Independent Business Association Board.  I enjoy playing golf with my kids, attending their sporting and extra-curricular activities, softball and watching the Huskers.

My heart became heavy while watching government flounder in 2013 (our elected representatives have a poor working knowledge of the Constitution) knowing I had the aptitude and more importantly the courage to fix it the ‘right way’.  I knew the American people were in trouble.  I realized Constitutional and Conservative Principles were lost in a GOP party willing to follow Wall Street/Defense/Media industries with Constitutional conflicts of interest all the way to the grave.  The Democrats have fallen mercy to radical activists at the top of their party.  Republicans thought they were Constitutional and Conservative by comparing themselves to Radicals.  In reality, they had become a moderate party with their own violations of the Constitution as they have fallen victim to playing comparative politics as opposed to being a party driven by principles. The convictions of Conservatism in Nebraska voters remains strong.  The conviction of Conservatism in their politicians and party leadership remains weak. Voters waiting for the establishment to see the light will be waiting a long time.  It’s time to force change!!!  American Conservatives are paying attention again. They have figured out with the votes and actions of both parties, that neither party is Constitutional or Conservative. I am here to change that! With your help, we can Make Republicans Conservative Again!  

Neighbors helping neighbors is what drives our welfare philosophy!

I ran as a Constitutionalist (unorganized in Nebraska…thus an “I”) for the safety of my conscience and purity of message in 2014.  I am proud to not have been complicit with a party that voted to fully fund Planned Parenthood 3 times that aided in killing 37 babies per hour (1.9 million babies over Senator Fischer’s 6 year term), passed budgets that will add $15+ Trillion in debt to our kids, armed or funded hostile terrorists/nations in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Pakistan, and Iran that have taken American and International life, and failed to repeal Obamacare that will enslave more citizens to the dependency of government. With their conscience damaged from funding the end of life for millions and the factual record of non-conservative voting very clear,  I believe Nebraskans are ready to reclaim their Constitutional rights and enact their Conservative principles with new representatives in Washington, that actually represent their interests. 

I was honored to be placed on the general election ballot by VOLUNTEER petition with signatures from 89 out of 93 counties across the state in 2014.  The platform was well screened and accepted by voting citizens.  The discrimination from the largest media outlets to have a debate on the issues speaks to our pure Constitutional message and their desire to advance candidates that are not Conservative. I want to thank all the volunteers in 2014 for their work in making a Constitutional message possible without the support of public coverage.  You paved the way for today! 

From Sioux County to Richardson County we have seen Nebraska…have you?

Today, protecting the Constitution and our conscience from the majority is no longer good enough.  I see our Constitutional message being plagiarized and distorted by representatives of the bigger parties. This can’t happen.  The Constitution is meant for the 100%  benefit of All Americans…not just the elites.

Today, I’m excited to announce my return to the party of my youth to reclaim the lost values that Republican voters have been fooled to believe the majority of their representatives possess (they are not fooled anymore). The Constitution and the GOP platform is good.  We just need leaders not afraid to execute the plan!

Now is the time for REAL Conservative voters to reform the  GOP party that has abandoned Constitutional Conservatism as illustrated by their lack of action and/or votes with complete power.  No worse than Senator Fischer who has been given a failing grade for her poor  Conservative voting record by 3 of the major conservative publications; Conservative Review, Heritage in Action, and the New American.  These same publications give “A’s” to candidates that fail to repeal Obamacare, secure the border, cut spending, stop funding planned parenthood, and fail to remove federal government control from local schools. Knowing “A” grades are achievable by failing to succeed on the MAJOR planks of the platform…you understand how bad a failing conservative grade really is.

We challenge every Republican that has endorsed Deb Fischer to change.  We realize endorsements without alternatives only make sense.  However, your conscience has options now.   Your Conservative identity is in jeopardy if you don’t change.  You are currently endorsing a candidate that has voted “Yes” 3 times to fully fund an organization that will terminate 1.9 million babies over her tenure, support spending measures that double our debt from $15 trillion to $30 trillion,  voted “Yes” to arm/fund hostile terrorists or states, and enacted policy to lead Nebraska to 50th in the union in economic performance in the first quarter of 2017. Her record is a reflection of you with your endorsement.  Your support of these actions (no excuses please) will lead to your own record and a movement by many of us to displace you from your own positions. We need real Conservatives who will stand by principles…not play a political game that is sinking this country.

While the #NEGOP was united behind Rubio, Todd was invited to the intimate Trump rally in Des Moines to honor our Vets. Here Todd Stands With Dawn, a Nebraskan who sang the national anthem!

Today is the day we start to return the Nebraska Republican party to a Constitutional Conservative mission, transform the party members from fear based to opportunity based and rebuild the confidence in the oaths and words of their representatives. We are not going to be bullied by the money that Makes Republicans Progressive Everyday!

Today is the day when #BigRed begins to kick out #BigPurple from the #NEGOP.  Let’s get this done Nebraska! Our shared Constitutional heritage is in our hands!  Don’t just ‘Like’ this…Work this! #BigRedIsBack!

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