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Republican Candidate for Representative in Congress - District 3

Larry Lee Scott Bolinger

Courtesy: Larry Lee Scott Bolinger Courtesy: Larry Lee Scott Bolinger

My first name is Larry, your Republican candidate for the House of Representatives. 
I was Born and raised in Alliance. Graduated from Hemingford, NE in 1987. After High School I joined the US Airforce and went to basic training in Sanantonio Texas, and then went to Tech school and Sheppard AirForce base in Witchatafalls, TX and received a structural specialists certification. . Then I served a term in Germany in the 26 Civil Engineering Squadron in which I received my structural technician certification. I also studied courses from the University of Maryland while I was in Germany. After I was Honorably discharged from the AirForce I joined the Army National Guard, based out of Alliance, NE in 1991. And at that time the Alliance Unit was a howitzer unit. I then studied in Business management, information tech., motorcycle mechanic, welding, realty and fitness and Nutrition. I’m a firm believer in continuing education no matter the age, and I’m looking at taking a course in Political Science out of the University of Nebraska Omaha.
My work history started in High School working for KFC one year and as a Ranch Hand the next. Joined the military right after high school. After high school, did several odd jobs, then ended up working for a hose manufacturing plant for 9 years, then went from that to working at a rehab facility, then a supervisor at the Nebraska Boys Ranch to help troubled youths. I started my first business in 1998 as a network marketing company. And I started this business with nothing. Then eventually changed it to property management, property inspections and property preservation. At this time I working full time at the Nebraska Boys Ranch, full time Driving taxi for the Rail Road and trying to get this inspections and preservation business going. So I worked every day for a couple years and going on 4 hours of sleep each night, if I was lucky to get that much. I started with nothing, worked hard to build up about $500,000 in net worth. I studied and taught self-defense for over 30 years. In 2005 I Authored my first book on Self-Defense, and then eventually wrote 12 more books on Property Management, self-defense and physical fitness. As of December 2017 I have 2 more books that I’m the middle of writing which would be a 3rd edition to property management and a business that covers my business and political exploits. I currently work in processing contractor work for several people in many different large cities, as well as property management, UBER taxi and continue to write my books.
I started in politics many years ago. Around 2003 I volunteered as a Planning Commissioner. And from that seen how our local government was run and seen some of the grey area politics being play and the way they treated the people was something that didn't feel was right. Seeing my own city council trying to take peoples lands in a very unethical way, spurred me to run for office because i felt that we needed people in office that are there to help people and to make sure they know that with me in office that they'll always have someone who will fight for them. . 
Running for the House of Representatives, there are many larger issues at stake that reflex a larger amount of people, which creates a lot bigger issue if you do things wrong. There are many bills that I have sent to the Legislatures that could also be developed into helping people nationally concerning labor laws, cut Foreclosures by as much as 70%, better structure on land tax.  

The government’s proper function is to act as a referee to see the rules are obeyed.

This is an issue in which I firmly believe. I was in politics for over a decade and I've seen many times in which local, state and federal government politician weren't following the law as outlined by our fore fathers, by our legislature and by congress. In many cases I've seen unlawful acts by our elected officials, and when the public calls them on this, they don't correct themselves. Nobody up the chain of command corrects the issue. I reviewed an issue where a part of a city council, city manager and city police chief took part in an issue of roughly 18 civil rights violations and fraud on official documentation. When this was brought to the attention of the state and federal reps it was shrugged off. I will not be so insensitive to ignore an important issue like this.

I firmly believe everyone is accountable for their actions or lack thereof. I will hold our government officials accountable.

Reducing compounded government will help put money back into our schools, Medicare, Medicaid, VA and Hud housing, child care programs and secure our Social Security.

Franklin Roosevelt hit the nail on the head when he said, “We have the greatest spending administration in peace-time in all of our history, and which has piled bureau on bureau, commission on commission, and has failed to anticipate dire need to reduce earning power of our people. We need to stop borrowing to meet deficits. We need to break up the norm of compounded government systems.”

Compounded government systems is how we ended up spending 35 – 38% on taxes. The only way to get this down is by getting rid of programs and/or reducing redundant agencies. I will make it a goal to reduce this agency overlapping agency.

We need to defund the Bureau of Land Management and make it into a grant program. The government must give back the land to the private owners, county, state and tribal communities, Instead of the focused of land management force as a federal program. I know some areas the BLM control is for habitat. What needs to be done is providing grants to preserve those habitats, which each state’s game and parks should manage. That keeps the money and interests in the state rather than in someone interests out of the state.

Defunding and dismantling 95% of the workforce of this federal government BLM agency would put the work where it is needed, into the hands of each individual state.

This will add grants to fund state parks, add funds into the National Guard, and provide more funding to help secure farming and ranching businesses (current report says farmers and rancher filing chapter 12 is up). It will put more funds back into military bases and forts, as they would be managed by the military rather than the BLM.

This will take away the BLM business of strip-mining our lands. We have an obligation to protect our land, and we can only do this on a state by state basis and not by the federal government.

In Nebraska, the government decreased the funding for the Offutt Airforce Base, and it was left to the state to pay that expense. This is something that is supposed to be paid by federal tax dollars.

As your Congressman, I will make this an issue in congress to have that money reimbursed and make sure our federal government is held accountable. Offutt played a major war in our country’s defense for 100 years, and I expect it to be there for many more.

Cleaner Energy Investment:  I would like to see more invested into clean coal technology and coal bi-products. I want to be able to protect the Rail Road and Mining jobs and the other entities that those impact. By pushing more interest in clean coal can help secure those jobs. I don't want to see another issues with the EPA and emissions that caused thousands their jobs and homes across the state of Nebraska and the best way to do that is upgrade our coal technology. I would like to prevent that from happening again. Clean coal technology and bi-products can cut emissions by as much as 50% in the production of energy and in road construction.

Economic Development: Our government is failing on economic development on a very large scale. This is a big issues that has caused our state a lot of money. Which means its cost everyone a lot of money. I've seen many times where our government has taken local businesses and made them government own, and have used the blighted, development and redevelopment programs to acquire property from land owners. Expanding government ownership increases taxes. In my area, we have a county attorney that’s borrowed from another county, we outsource legal service from a different county, we outsource a building inspector from a different county, we have a multi-billion dollar highway program going on that is outsourced to contractors from a different state, property preservation contracting jobs are outsourced to companies out of Tennessee and Wisconsin, we even contract with an electric company in Wyoming. Our congress changed the requirements of SNAPs that has increased the chapter12 bankruptcy in our farming and Ranching community (that’s my community), we refuse to negotiate Tariffs which will end badly if we are not out there working better agreements. Several Tariffs are going to bring more jobs and better prices on products if we have someone in office that knows what to do. We have billions of dollars outsourced and we wonder why taxes are so high. There so high because billions are going out of the state. Just think of that. We are $200 million in the red on state funds with billions being outsourced. If we quit outsourcing every job, that money would be reinvested into our communities. Why in the world would we buy electricity from a different state, when we have plants throughout NE that we should be supporting? Keep the money in NE. The outsourcing is killing our economy.

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