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Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate

Chris Janicek

Courtesy: Chris Janicek Courtesy: Chris Janicek

Chris Janicek is originally from David City, Nebraska and attended Mary Our Queen Catholic grade school and Archbishop Ryan High School here in Omaha as well as UNO and Creighton University. He has lived and worked in Chicago, IL and Washington DC.

Janicek then returned to Omaha to help care for his father. Through working hard, constantly acquiring knowledge, learning from his mistakes, pure dedication and surrounding himself with the right people, he started his own business.

So why get into to politics? Chris studied political science in college and worked in Washington DC with the Clinton/Gore Inaugural committee, and later with the protocol department. But things are different now, the people of the United States are being ignored, and our rights are under attack.

He no longer feels we are "One Nation Under God" with our current representation, but one nation torn apart. He began searching for answers, and decided to represent the people and the state he cares so deeply for.

So right here, right now, he wants to express his passion and enthusiasm for the people of Nebraska, and to get our country back on track. Everything he’s have done in his life, experienced, learned, succeeded and failed at has brought him to this point right now. He is where he is meant to be. 

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