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Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Dennis Frank Macek

Courtesy: Dennis Frank Macek Courtesy: Dennis Frank Macek

My name is Dennis Frank Macek, pronounced the Bohemian way (MA-chek); I'm a Republican candidate for the U. S. Senate from Nebraska.  

My campaign motto: Smarter Spending, Clean Energy, New Business, No Excuses. 

I joined the Republican Party in 1962 but have often registered as an Independent.  In 2014 I stood for the U. S. Senate as a Nonpartisan but could not make the ballot.  In 2016 I ran for the Natural Resources District, Lower Platte South, Board of Directors for Sub-district 8 but lost to the incumbent..

My wife of 37 years is Judith Kay Wilson, Ph.D, who is a literacy professor at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  My son is Mark Francis Macek of Austin, Texas. 

My BA is from Marquette University (1963), my MA is from the University of Arizona (1966).  I have a lifetime Texas State Teaching Certificate, Secondary Level.

I was ABD in English Education at The University of Texas at Austin.

To support my family and pay for my education I have worked at three factories, been a musician, library worker, custodian, truck driver, security guard, teachers' aide, municipal-court clerk, and done other types of jobs, some part-time, some full-time, some seasonal.

My first career-level jobs were as a college English teacher.  In the 1970's I held three mid-level jobs with the federal government, mostly in California, before attending the University of Texas.

I gave up studies to write literary fiction and drama.  To support the writing and family I took up air-conditioning repair at Capitol City Trade and Technology School in Austin, Texas. 

In 1999 I retired as an HVAC mechanic-technician.  I am the author of A Rose from Charlie and Marie, available on  Currently I am trying place some of my other works. 

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