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Republican Candidate for State Treasurer

Taylor Royal


I am a Christian; married to my wife, Katie, who is a 2nd grade teacher in Elkhorn and we live in Omaha; I am a CPA and financial representative; a fiscal conservative; supporter of President Trump’s growth agenda; 100% prolife; believe in strong families; pro 2nd Amendment; that protecting our borders through a physical barrier (where reasonable) and promoting legal immigration is vital to our country’s future; and believe that Nebraskans work hard for their money and that, as taxpayers, they should get a good return from the money they send to Washington D.C. or Lincoln, Nebraska.


Steward Taxpayer Resources:  Nebraska taxpayer funds will be properly accounted for, effectively invested, and completely protected.  State spending will be transparent, searchable, and accessible online via an open checkbook;

I will work with the Nebraska Investment Council to make Nebraska’s 529 college-savings plans one of the country’s best tax-advantaged 529 plans.  529 Plans should be available for private and parochial education expenses;

Youth Financial Literacy Initiative:  I will travel our State to educate and teach sound financial principles, like budgeting, saving & investing, education & retirement planning to our high school students; and

Taxpayer Advocacy:  I will advocate for the Nebraska taxpayer and promote the Nebraska values of Stewardship, Protection for the unborn, Smaller government, Lower Income taxes and property taxes, and Strong families


Northwestern Mutual, Omaha, NE                                                                                                                                                    

Financial Services & Wealth Management

Serve & advise clients in matters of personal wealth management relating to risk management, wealth accumulation, and wealth preservation & distribution

Create investment analyses and personal financial analyses modeling retirement cash flows, asset returns, taxes, and inflation inputs for current and prospective clients 

Deloitte Tax, LLP, Dallas, TX                                                                                                                                                                      
International Tax Services

Managed, reviewed, and prepared tax compliance engagements for a globally integrated companies

Composed deliverable transaction memorandums discussing the technical aspects of client transactions and documenting relevant guidance from authoritative sources

Reviewed and created client transaction and restructuring plans for company groups (Accounting, Treasury, Operations)

Trained and mentored staff and interns as an onboarding advisor / Assisted with campus recruiting 


Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business, Dallas, TX                                                                                                   

Masters of Science in Accounting: Tax Concentration                                                                                                                                               

University of Nebraska–Lincoln, College of Business Administration, Lincoln, NE                                                          

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: Finance & Accounting


Certified Public Accountant, License #101354 (TX) and #0009069 (NE)                                                                                                      

Series 7 Certification and Series 66 Certification

Chartered Financial Analyst® Program                                                                                                        

Interests:  Church, Sports, Pheasant Hunting, Fishing, Economics, Politics, Finance & Accounting

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