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New book recounts survival of Tanzania's "miracle kids" thanks to Siouxland support


For 20 years, Siouxland Tanzania Educational Medical Ministry has fought poverty, disease, and a lack of education half-a-world away. Last year, the group got international attention after some of its members helped rescue three children from a bus crash that killed dozens of others.

On May 6th, 2017, the school bus, which was full of students, swerved off a steep road in Tanzania. Three STEMM missionaries came upon the crash scene shortly after the accident, and helped in any way they could. The three children that survived-- Doreen, Sadhia and Wilson-- were badly hurt, and needed more medical care than their home country could provide.

Thanks to STEMM, Congressman Steve King, and Mercy Medical Center, they were flown to Sioux City for treatment, and are now thriving back in their home country. And, there's a book detailing the "miracle kids'" remarkable journey. "Steve, the book is amazing," said Matt Breen. "It's called 'Answer The Call'. But, with respect to the bus crash, you can take the title of this book in two very different ways, right?" "Everyone I called answered the call," said Dr. Steve Meyer, Author. "So, that was the natural thing to call the book. If they hadn't answered the call-- Rep. Steve King in Albania, Dr. Steve Joyce at Mercy Medical Center, ultimately Franklin Graham-- they answered the call so this happened. The double meaning is this. Every day the holy spirit is speaking to us all... to go to our neighbor and say 'hi', to bake a pie for someone, to stop and give a few pennies to the homeless. Whatever God is calling you to do, we hear that call all the time. If you answer the call of the holy spirit, you can invoke the power of God, and miracles can happen. That's demonstrated in this book."

"Let's go back to the physical calls that had to be made after the bus crash, in Tanzania, on May 6th, 2017," Breen said. "What was you initial reaction?" "I didn't know about it until later that day because I wasn't at the scene," Meyer said. "And then, it was two days later when my wife, Dana, texted me while we were at the guest house to tell me that the team felt we needed to bring the injured kids back. I answered that call and said, 'are you out of your mind?' There is no way you can take three dying children from the country of Tanzania to a hospital in Sioux City, Iowa, and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their care. But first to get three broken, dying children across the Atlantic Ocean. She said, 'if God wants it to happen, then it will'. I said 'okay', and I answered the call. So, I called Steve King, and Steve Joyce. And, eventually, we got a hold of Franklin Graham. The State Department, Homeland Security... everyone answered the call. The U.S. embassy sent people in, six people on a Saturday, to process the visas. Everybody answered the call, and a great miracle happened."

"How much divine intervention do you see in this story from beginning to end?" asked Breen. "You've gotta read the book," said Meyer. "It is page after page of miracles. Doreen, who was completely paralyzed, had no chance of walking. Quentin Durward, and I, laid hands on her physically and we said 'this girl can't walk by our hands, but you can make anything happen and as a final miracle will you help her'. And, Quentin said 'dude, that isn't going to happen.' And, I said 'it isn't in my hands anymore.' 80 days later, she walked down the steps of a plane in Tanzania, and we have video of her playing soccer. And, she did a four-mile hike just this last week. So, this whole book is about God's miracles if we answer his call." 

You can actually download a copy of the book, "Answer The Call", for free from Amazon, on Saturday, May 12th. You can download it to your Kindle, or your smartphone, but it's only free on May 12th.

You can also buy the book during Saturday's Sioux City Bandits football game. It will be "miracle kids" night at the Bandits game. Meyer will be signing copies of the book during the game. At halftime, you'll get to hear from the "miracle kids", themselves, is a special message that was just recorded, in Tanzania, this week. The game, against the Kansas City Phantoms, starts at 7:05 inside the Tyson Events Center.

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