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Tanzanian "miracle kids" and Siouxland supporters, celebrated at Sioux City Bandit's game


On May 6th, 2017, a school bus full of students, swerved off a steep road in Tanzania.

Three STEMM missionaries came upon the crash scene shortly after the accident, and helped in any way they could.

The three children that survived-- Doreen, Sadhia and Wilson-- were badly hurt, and needed more medical care than their home country could provide.

Thanks to STEMM, Congressman Steve King, and Mercy Medical Center, they were flown to Sioux City for treatment, and are now thriving back in their home country.

And, there's a book detailing the "miracle kids'" remarkable journey.

The book is called "Answer the Call" - and was written by STEMM founder, Dr. Steve Meyer.

Saturday night, as part of "Miracle Kids Night" at the Sioux City Bandits game, Meyer was selling - and signing - copies of the book.

The novel is a tale of that fateful day of the bus crash - and the three childrens' journey here to Sioux City for their treatment.

And Saturday, was about celebrating those in Siouxland who lent out a helping hand.

"When you see lives transform, the miracle kids, multiple people's lives in Sioux City have been transformed through this story," said Author, Dr. Steve Meyer. "Its really inspirational, it puts a lot of gas in my tank to want to do even more for the people of Tanzania."

STEMM wasn't finished, however.

At halftime of the game Saturday night- the audience heard from the "miracle kids", themselves, in a special message that was just recorded, in Tanzania, this week.

"What a tremendous feeling of love, and compassion that they received here in Sioux City," adds Dr. Meyer. "A thankfulness, and also a feeling of compulsion for those kids to be leaders in the country of Tanzania and the world going forward."

You can actually download a copy of the book, "Answer The Call", for free from Amazon, on Saturday, May 12th.

You can download it to your Kindle, or your smartphone, but it's only free on May 12th.

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