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Fallen officers honored in Sioux City ceremony


Eleven peace officers lost in the line of duty; some with the Sioux City Police Department, others Woodbury County Sheriff.

With each one listed a ribbon tied to a wreath to represent the sacrifice that is remembered by everyone in this ceremony each year.

"It's not just the officers. The families sacrifice quite a bit." said Chief Rex Mueller, Sioux City Police Department.

"It's hard not to be touched because you know, even though it's been 25 years this June that we've added a name for Woodbury County, for those people it's as fresh as the day they found out." said Sheriff Dave Drew, Woodbury County Sheriff.

They say it is a vital event.

"We will never stop doing this ceremony because it honors those families that have lost somebody and it honors the officers that are out there doing their job every day." said Mueller.

A service, past and present, that is not in vain.

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