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School board, teachers finalize contract


A debate, four months in the making, is settled Monday night between the Sioux City Community School District, and it's teachers. 

Since February, the two sides have been in talks on a wage and benefit package covering more than 1,000 K-12 teachers.

The contract, which was ratified by teachers, and then approved by the school board, gives instructors a 0.55 percent pay raise next year.

The average increase in teacher pay is 2.2% or $1,401.

Last year, the average teacher salary was $63,637. 

Next year, it will be $65,038. 

It includes the controversial 6th period assignment reductions for 300 teachers.

Board President Mike Krysl says that he thinks both sides were exhausted by the heavily-debated deal, and they have never experienced anything like this.

"Getting to this agreement was an accomplishment, but I think at the same time, everyone is just feeling a little bit empty," said Board President Mike Krysl. "Knowing that next year, this is going to be an even greater challenge, perhaps."

Krysl adds that the school board feels "terrible" for taking pay away from teachers with a 6th period assignment.

That amounted to a loss of about $4,800.

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