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Unhealthy Gut: The warning signs

(NBC News) -

Your gut plays a key role in your health.  When everything is going well, you probably don't even think about your digestive system, but it can quickly get the attention of you and your doctor when there is a problem.

Dietitian Gabriela Gardner says unbalanced bacteria in your gut could lead to inflammation which causes bloating, gas, diarrhea and headaches. Some research looks at an unhealthy gut possibly leading to skin problems, poor concentration and depression too.

To recover from the symptoms of an unhealthy gut, Garnder says to eat more foods with fiber and antioxidants.

Sugar-free cultured drinks, like kefir, found in the yogurt and milk aisle, help restore good bacteria. While pairing this with protein and high-fiber foods like pistachios, almonds, chia seeds and anti-inflammatories like black pepper or flaxseeds, your gut can recover.

Then, drink plenty of water.

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