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Impressive hail storm hits Colorado

Colorado Hail Colorado Hail
(NBC) -

Monday's hailstorm in Colorado isn't necessarily one for the record books, but it was still pretty impressive.

Folks in Denver found themselves stuck with Christmastime- like weather conditions, but they weren't experiencing snow.

Hail piled up across the area resembling the after affects of a bad snowstorm.

Cars had to carefully navigate several inches of hail on the roads.

I know it's hard to believe, but it's May.

That's hail, not snow.  

The hailstorm forced people to pick up their shovels once again to dig out, but this time, they're wearing shorts and tee-shirts.

This also meant road crews had to come in and actually plow the roads in the middle of spring.

From the sky, it looks like a winter wonderland.

The hailstorm grounded planes at the Denver International Airport for a time.

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