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Democratic gubernatorial Candidate takes on Gov. Ricketts in race for governor


 Democratic Gubernatorial candidate and current senator Bob Krist will take on Governor Pete Ricketts for the governor race. 

Supporters of Gubernatorial candidate Krist gathered at the North Shore Tavern on Tuesday night as election results rolled in. 

Senator Krist took some time to speak to the crowd about issues that matter to him. 

 A big one? 

Property taxes. 

"The governor runs ads on TV claiming he's reduced property taxes. Let me ask everyone in this room have your property taxes gone down? Exactly" says Sen. Bob Krist. 

Another concern for the current state senator was funding for education. 

"The difference between the Ricketts administration and the K-W administration is simple. We want to invest in education, they do not. Gubernatorial Candidate Bob Krist is ready to get to business. 

  He will be making stops in 10 cities across Nebraska over three days. 

He is expected to make a stop in Sioux City Today. 

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