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Democratic Candidate for Governor

Nate Boulton

Courtesy: Nate Boulton Courtesy: Nate Boulton

***Nate Boulton suspended his campaign for governor on May 24, 2018.***

Nate Boulton grew up in the small Iowa town of Columbus Junction in a proud union family. He is the product of a rural Iowa public school, Simpson College, and Drake Law school. Nate lives with his wife Andrea in east Des Moines and serves in the Iowa Senate. His district includes the State Fairgrounds and the State Capitol.

As an attorney, Nate has spent his career standing up to powerful interests, from big corporations to the Branstad-Reynolds administration.  Nate has represented women facing discrimination, injured workers, and the mentally disabled. Additionally, on behalf of public workers, Nate has taken the Branstad-Reynolds administration all the way to the Iowa Supreme Court--and won.

As a legislator, Nate led the opposition when Republicans wanted to dismantle the rights and quality of life for Iowa workers – from public safety officers to local teachers.

Nate has focused on economic opportunity across all of Iowa and adequate funding for public schools. He’s argued for an economic agenda that will benefit middle class Iowans raising families here, rather than the Branstad- Reynolds plan that just gives subsidies to big corporations with no real accountability for quality job growth.

In addition to his work in the State Senate and as an attorney, Nate has taught courses as an adjunct professor at Drake Law School, Simpson College, and William Penn University. 

He is a member of the American Federation of Teachers, Iowa Association for Justice and the AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee. And somehow, aside from all that, he’s found the time to run 39 marathons.

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