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California veteran gets his high school diploma 70 years later

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Kelly Crowell says,"It's going to be a lot of fun walking with the kids. I practiced with them this afternoon and they're all really, really nice kids. They really are."

72 years after leaving high school to join the navy 90-year-old Kelly Crowell is finally getting his diploma.

Kelly says,"It's exciting to be with the kids and be in what do you call it? Show business, show business."

Kelly quit school back in 1946 to the chagrin of his mother and thought about going back from time to but never did.

It was the principal here at Rosemead High School that convinced Kelly it was time.

Principal Brian Bristol says,"It's not just the age is what it represents. I mean he's a hero, you know, from the greatest generation."

An old-school guy appreciated and honored by this latest generation.

Fellow Graduate Diego Hernandez says,"I almost can't believe it. This is great it just shows that it's never too late to finish what you started."

And when they called his name to receive the diploma Mary Crowell, Kelly's wife of 67 years and his children were in the bleachers watching.

His Wife Mary Crowell says,"It's amazing. it's really fantastic that he lived long enough to change this."

In a class of 402 graduates, no one has dreamed about this moment longer than Kelly Crowell, class of 2018.

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