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"Food Truck Fridays" return to downtown Sioux City


The summer months mean summer eats at "Food Truck Fridays" in downtown Sioux City, where locals come hungry.

It may be their first year at "Food Truck Fridays", but this family run business has years of experience. 

Nikki Morey helps run and co-owns Sweet treats K&B.

 "10 Years ago my husband and I have been talking about getting a food truck so we went out and bought a hot dog cart, we loved that we love being around people," said Nikki Morey. 

The passion for this family run business is more than just selling hot dogs

"My husband and I always loved to cook and stuff and we love to be around people and meeting different kind of people," said Morey. 

And even at the age of 11 Morey's daughter has been part of this journey with her parents ever since she could remember and the hope is to pass on Sweet Treats K&B to her someday.  

But as of right now she is working on mastering the cash register. 

"I get to spend time with my family and I get to use the cash register and help out my family."  Katlynn Morey said.

The Morey family has high hopes for the future.

 "I'm hoping someday to get an actual location a permanent location, that's our goal."  Morey said. 

Sweet Treats K&B is planning on being at Food Truck Friday's for years to come.

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