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A South Sioux City welding shop is back in business after evacuation


For nearly two weeks signs like this have been posted in the neighborhood near the damaged grain elevator site in South Sioux City. 

Now, residents are able to come home, and one business is getting back to work, but it's been a long two weeks. 

"We've been trying to keep busy as much as we can but, you know with no one being able to get a hold of you through your office phone, it was kind of hit and miss. We kept busy a few days but, for the most part, it's just been nothing but dead time," says Shop foreman Matt Rowe. 

Rowe says the past two weeks have been tough for work. 

"You know, there's only so much you can do," says Rowe. 

He says he's unsure of how much business was lost since the elevator first exploded. 

"It's really hard to tell because a lot of our business is walk-in. We have no way to keep track of who didn't come in that week so we're going to have to go off of previous financial stuff and just kind of make a guess from there," says Rowe. 

Stephan Welding is now back in business and Rowe says he's thankful for everyone who has been working at the grain elevator site to make this moment happen. 

"They said it would be down Monday, he brought it down Monday so, I mean I've got a lot of respect for the contractor that's taking it down. He's just working his butt off. He's done an excellent job," says Rowe. "The Fire Department, all the local law enforcement everybody involved did an awesome job." 

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