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UPDATE: Minnesota raccoon safely trapped

(NBC News) -

America is recovering from having a heart attack while watching a cute little critter try to scale a skyscraper Tuesday. 

This raccoon reached new heights Wednesday after climbing to the top of an office building in Minnesota.

The bandit in the night clawed his way to way to safety, some 20 stories in the air. 

Several humans tried to coax it to move but instead of going down, it went up. 

By five o'clock Tuesday, the raccoon was seen resting on the 23rd floor and was already an internet sensation.

It eventually reached the roof overnight where it was later baited with cat food into a cage. 

The investment and banking company who owns the tower tweeted that the raccoon is now in the care of wildlife management officials who plan to release it in the suburbs.

(CNN) - Move over King Kong, there's a new tower-climber in town.

It's a grainy live feed from the scene, but that is a raccoon scaling more-than-20-stories of a skyscraper in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota overnight.

People are sharing videos from inside and outside of the building, one of the tallest in the city.

And the critter has captured the hearts of social media users across the country.

At one point the raccoon took a break outside the window of a law firm on the 23rd floor.

But it did eventually make it all the way to the roof.

St. Paul animal control had dispatched officials to the roof to set live traps.

MPR News reports the raccoon has been reportedly trapped.

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