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First day for firework sales from temporary stands in Iowa


Every 4th of July holiday, as a country we celebrate our Independence Day. 

And that celebration means everything from cookouts, to a little bit of R and R, and of course plenty of fireworks. 

Iowa Fireworks company is one of many who started selling their products Wednesday, which is the first day for sales from temporary stands, in Iowa, like this one.

"I'm hoping we get busy so people will come and enjoy this and buy stuff for their kids and have a blast on the 4th,"  says Troy Anderson, Iowa Fireworks Company worker.

 Now you can't use any fireworks until July 3rd and 4th, but there is a way to look at what you're purchasing from the company. 

"We can show them on this box what the firework does they can also get on Facebook and get onto our site and see the fireworks also,"  says Ann Ferris, Iowa Fireworks worker.

 And about fifty percent of the fireworks that are sold here are actually made from the company and one of their biggest attractions is the kids.

"We came here to get fireworks I'm probably going to get some parachutes and stuff and we already got some fireworks and now we're coming back to get more stuff." says Joshua Barker, customer. 

 The firework stand is like the new candy store for kids.

"For the kids it's going to be all the sparklers, snaps, the good stuff, the farting dogs, all the little things the kids would love kids are most important for this," says Anderson.  

The anticipation to light up the sky heavily awaits as people start buying what they need. 

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