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Female veterans from Siouxland honored in exhibit


The "Serving her Country: Women in the Military" exhibit closed at the Betty Strong Encounter Center Wednesday. 

Those Veterans were honored Wednesday afternoon.

Veterans and the families of veterans serving were able to get the pictures featured in the exhibit. The photos were taken by photographers at the Sioux City Journal. The Betty Strong Encounter Center says they have been honoring veterans through a series of exhibits with the Sioux City Journal. 

94-year-old Marjorie Culligan is a World War II Veteran. She served in the Navy. She says she was so young she needed her mother's permission to join the Navy. "I was pretty proud of being in the Navy... I was proud of it," says WWII Veteran Marjorie Culligan.

Marjorie was just one of the 20 Siouxland women highlighted in an exhibit at the Betty Strong Encounter Center. "I think it really shows the strength of the people that you have here in Siouxland, the strength of the women that you have here in Siouxland and that if you get the right women in the right spots, you're going to have amazing things happen throughout Siouxland," says Lois Wright, U.S. Navy Veteran. 

These women were able to look back at their time in the service and share their stories and help inspire women in the future. "We were allowed to do different things, we were allowed to be on the front lines. Right before I got out they actually started letting women into submarines, which was unheard of," says Wright. 

Siouxland women who helped write history on their own. "They didn't all approve of it but, they decided it was ok," says Culligan. 

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