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'Stand for Equality' rally held outside of Days Inn following viral video


Outrage spills out into the streets of Sioux City at a rally sparked by a viral video.

That video was recorded by a woman who says she was turned away from this local hotel because of her ethnicity

Tonight residents organized a "Stand for Equality" rally as a response to that video.

It took place right outside the Days Inn Hotel off of Singing Hills Boulevard.

The purpose of the rally was to allow people to show their disapproval of the incident, and Baxter's treatment by the hotel staff.

Those attending said the rally also shows that, as a community, we can be stronger together. 

"We all need to stand against wrong," said Michelle Free-LaMere, protester. "Its not really an issue of native versus non-native. I think its an issue of right and wrong."

Despite the rain, many members of the Omaha Tribe came out to show their support... including the tribal chairman.

"We're tired of this, all we ask for is fair treatment," said Mike Wolfe, Tribal Chairman of the Omaha Nation. "And its not being delivered in that kind of manner."

Some employees of the Days Inn came out with water bottles, and told the protesters they supported their beliefs.

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