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Mailboat jumper tryouts

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For more than a century, they've delivered the mail a little differently on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin.

Mailboat Jumper Katie Theisz said,"You have to be athletic, you also really have to be gutsy."

Captain Neill Frame" You gotta be willing to go for it."

What started in 1916 continues each summer.

Capt. Frame said,"This is our 103rd actual season of delivery."

Theisz said,"My grandma's cousin was one of the first females to jump. I don't know, maybe I'm carrying on a little family tradition here."

Packed tours run seven days a week on the U.S. Mailboat Walworth.

Theisz said,"It's a workout, it takes a lot out of you, but the people keep it fresh. It's always their first time seeing it and they're always completely in awe."

And there is a reason, beyond entertainment, for keeping the boat moving.

If it stopped at every pier, The Walworth would be at the mercy of the wind and waves.

Capt. Frame said,"That way I can steer and effectively keep from hitting the pier."

Tuesday was tryout day for a new crop of jumpers.

 both savvy veterans and hopeful rookies, auditioning for one of the more unique summer jobs you can land.

Theisz said,"I feel like we'll at least get one spill today."

A refreshing rite of passage.

First-time Jumper Paige Aspinall said,"I just jumped and I didn't really think about it. And I just tumbled off."

Because in the end, it's not whether you fall, or whether you get left behind.

It's whether you get back up and give mailboat jumping another try.

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