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Community garden growing more than just plants


Greg Vanbuskirk was part of the first kindergarten class ever at Clark Early Childhood Center in 1959.

He's lived in Sioux City his entire life and now he's using the power of gardening to give back to current students at the school. 

"It's kind of nice to see these kids get interested in this, take some interest in trying to grow plants. They're going to grow some vegetables so, hopefully later this Summer, they'll have something to munch on," says Greg Vanbuskirk, former Clark Early Childhood Center Student. 

It's a way for these kids to grow not only plants but, their knowledge as well. 

"A lot of these kids are from the city so they're not really used to the farming aspect or the gardening aspect so that's what our hope is, to bring in the farming into our community, involving the community, getting kids hands-on experience," says Kerry Hildering, integrated pre-school teacher. 

Vanbuskirk says it's a way to get kids involved in something a little different then what they learn in the classroom. 

"It's kind of nice here they're trying to get kids started in something different than video games, get them outside so they can plant things and watch things grow," says Vanbuskirk. 

And, these kids are excited to be learning something new. 

"The watering... The harvesting," says Alison and Grace. 

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