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Iowa National Guard prepares for higher readiness level in training


Thursday, the Iowa National Guard held a luncheon to talk to employers of Iowa National Guard members about the changes that are happening within the guard. 

The luncheon, held at the Spencer Area Activity Center, allowed guard members to also speak about about setting a higher level of readiness in training, this year. 

This increase of readiness includes changes in dates for drill weekends and annual training days for selected units.

The Iowa National Guard Leadership is starting to implement the plans, and to provide resources for the ones involved. "And so some units will find themselves training more often than one weekend a month and two weeks a year and so that requires us to work with employers and things like that so they know what they can expect from their employees when they are called away for their military duties," said Lt. Colonel Mike Wunn, Iowa National Guard.

Colonel Wunn also said additional training is needed for soldiers who are preparing for deployment, which will take them away from their employment obligations. "The units that they belong to go through their training cycle you'll see those training requirements intensify during that process," Wunn said. 

Along with units already deployed, there will be continued deployments in the National Guard periodically, depending on what is going on in the world and when the needs arise. 

Officials say employers are a critical part during this higher level training, and communication is key to informing them of their military duties. 

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