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New wetland near Spencer, IA will help with water quality downstream


A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Thursday for a new water quality wetland in Spencer, Iowa. 

There are a total of 65 demonstration projects going on in the state, and the Spencer wetland is one of them. 

The purpose? To take water that would normally run down in a stream, divert it into the wetland.

Thursday morning, in Spencer, there was a little rain in the area, which meant the wetland would be put into action right away. "And, as that water meanders through the wetland it takes some of the nutrients out of that water but before putting it back into the stream," said Iowa Ag Secretary Mike Naig. "Again, this is the idea that we can slow some water down put it through a practice that can denitrify it, hold some of the phosphorus back, these are the types of practices that we are seeing implemented across the state."

This project started a few years ago, and cost $80,000.

The life span of this new wetland is about 150 years. "The latest example of a city that's really investing in urban conservation practices but also practices that have a connection to Ag land as well so we're very very proud of that," said Naig.

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