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Juuling: the latest trend in vaping


At first glance it may just look like a USB flash drive. 

"It's designed to be techy, cool and slick."

It's actually called a JUUL. 

A type of electronic cigarette that's fueled by JUULpods, which are filled with an e-liquid formula of nicotine salts.

"So it's a way of vaping that's as they say low profile but for us it's a way for people to be able to do it, particularly kids, without being detected," said Joy Gonnerman, Jackson Recovery Centers' Prevention Specialist.

Juul hit the market in 2015 and, according to Nielsen Data, is the fastest growing, top-selling e-cig in the market. 

In Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota the legal age to buy tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, is 18.

However, to buy a JUUL online you must be 21 -- but that's not stopping teens.

"I went online and got it. And the only thing, there's all the pop up adds, you have to be 21 to get on the site. And then all they wanted was a picture of my driver's license."

Each JUULPod contains approximately 0.7 milliliters with five percent nicotine by weight. That is equivalent to the amount of nicotine in a pack of cigarettes or 200 puffs.  

JUULPods come in sweet flavors like mango, fruit medley and creme brulee.

Gonnerman says teens don't realize how dangerous JUULs really are. 

"It's allowing kids to get this nicotine and they think it's just flavored liquid but it's actually getting them addicted to nicotine very quickly," said Gonnerman. 

Gonnerman says she has made it her personal mission to make sure every parent knows what a JUUL is. 

"What I'm discovering is is that kids equate safer with safe, which is not the same and adults are just in the dark. And so as soon as I talk about this they become aware and they think about their grandkids and they think about their kids in school and they think about the kids they see and the kids they coach."

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