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Fallen veterans flag is returned to his father

(CNN) -

It's tears of joy on this independence day for u-s marine vet and father Shawn Marceau.

Marceau said,"I thought somebody left me another flag. People have been sending me flags which is pretty awesome."

Just a day before the fourth of July, he found his son's Joe Jackson's missing American flag folded on his grave.

A flag that's so close to his heart.

Marceau said,"You can't copy this flag, there's no way you can copy it."

The flag is signed by Jackson, who was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2011.

And his entire platoon.

A couple of them are not here anymore and others are wounded warriors who fought for freedom.

Marceau said,"Everybody on this flag has either been blown up, or shot or dismembered or killed."

The flag was stolen in April after someone broke into Marceau's pick up truck and took most of the items in his truck.

But the flag was one of the few items left for Marceau to remember his son.

It hung above his bed before he was killed.

So he asked for help on social media and to his surprise, it was shared more than 108-thousand times.

Marceau said,"It represents what's great in America, which is everybody. Our melting pot and what we are about."

A representation of our freedom on Independence Day.

And for Marceau, a piece that brings him closer to his late son.

Marceau said,"It's just a little something that we get back."

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