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Selling pink lemonade to raise awareness of cancer

(NBC News) -

What may look like an ordinary lemonade stand is actually a stand for a cause. 

It's all part of the pink lemonade stand challenge started by nine-year-old Brynne Rhodes who wanted to raise money for breast cancer research and awareness after her mother was diagnosed. 

Now people across the country including some in our area are also serving up the refreshing beverage to raise money for the breast cancer research foundation. 

Eight-year-old Norah Abbas and her brothers joined the challenge by opening up their own stand at the gulf view heights beach access point in Santa Rosa Beach. 

Norah said,"I like trying the lemonade and giving it to people and then also donating the money to charity." 

The challenge not only raises money and awareness but educates too. 

Norah's Mom Alyson Abbas said,"It's nice to get them thinking about, what is breast cancer, how can we lead healthy lifestyles to promote better health for ourselves and for kids and for family members." 

It also recognizes those who are directly impacted.

Norad said,"We're using the chalk to write peoples names who have had breast cancer or are having breast cancer." 

As of Sunday, the pink lemonade stands have stretched across six different states the goal is to reach 10 states and raise a total of 50-thousand dollars. 

 Norah said,"I think if we get other people involved, it will make it bigger and people will try to raise money for breast cancer more." 

Alyson said, "All you need is a table, some pink lemonade and a few cups and whatever you can get." 

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