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Jackson Recovery Centers plans on merger with Rosecrance in 2019


Since 1976 Jackson Recovery Centers has provided its services to those in need in the Siouxland area.

But changes in the behavioral health field have had them seeing a future with outside help.

"Those networks leverage us in a way to be able to respond to the changing reimbursement environment, the changing best care environment for the future," said Kermit Dahlen, Jackson Recovery Centers CEO.

Over the past several years they say they have been looking for a potential partner.

Rosecrance Mental Health in Rockford, Illinois looked like the perfect fit.

"It became logical, with our common values and our commitment to a vision of how to be proactive and look at the future, to consider a Jackson/Rosecrance affiliation," said Dahlen.

Wednesday they announced the intention to merge.

The official affiliation intended to take effect on January 1.

The goal is for the full merger to be completed on or before July 1 of 2019.

It will be a gradual process of deciding how to best blend the health care providers.

"In the next couple of months, as we get to know each other better, we'll identify the respective strengths of each organization and bring those together to make an organization that can be to the best benefit of the communities that we serve," said Anne Boccignone, Rosecrance Vice President of Communication & Development.

The impact on jobs and services will be determined through these discussions.

However, they both anticipate only positives.

"The boards of both Rosecrance and Jackson Recovery Centers voted unanimously to pursue this Letter of Intent. That is how comfortable both boards were in terms of the vetting we have done around like-mindedness, our values, our commitment to our communities and to our patients," said Dahlen.

With the hope that the new partnership continues to benefit the Siouxland community for years to come.

Jackson Recovery Centers announced Wednesday morning that they plan to merge with Rosecrance.

The first step will take place January 1, 2019, when Jackson Recovery becomes an affiliate of Rosecrance, a private, not-for-profit behavioral health organization.

They intend for the merger to be finalized on or before July 1, 2019.

Rosecrance, the Rockford, Illinois-based organization has 52 locations through the upper Midwest.

"This is an exciting venture that will benefit both organizations. Non-profits that want to thrive and expand in a challenging economy need to seek out strong partners with compatible missions and values. Rosecrance fits that description. I know that we will create a prosperous and productive future, providing transformational recovery for many more individuals," said Kermit Dahlen, Jackson Recovery Centers CEO. 

Dahlen is expected to remain in charge of local operations after the merger.

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