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First responders stay prepared for extreme heat and humidity


Heat is the number-one weather-related cause of death so it is important to prepare for those dangerous conditions.

South Sioux City first responders do just that.

Fire crews and EMS responders say it's a 24/7 preparation, not just when we have these extreme conditions.

They make sure to stay in shape and eat healthy meals.

Extra people are taken to emergencies in this weather to switch people out quicker.

Above all else, they make sure to consume plenty of liquids with electrolytes and water.

"To me, hydrating when it's hot like this is just as important as our training. That's kind of our whole job is to be prepared for the worst and having our bodies prepared is huge too." said Qwinn Wright, South Sioux City Fire Captain/Paramedic.

Crews watch closely for the signs of heat exhaustion including cramping, clammy skin, a rapid pulse and a headache.

If these symptoms are occurring the person is immediately put into an air conditioned ambulance on the scene to cool off.

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