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Satellite Waiver

Local Signals on DishNetwork

Since May 27, 2004, DishNetwork (Echostar) has been offering the local Sioux City market television stations to their satellite subscribers. So, you can now receive KTIV directly on your dish, if you are a subscriber to DishNetwork. (DirecTV has not yet begun this service).

However, it is important for you to know that if you had previously received a waiver from KTIV to receive a "distant" NBC signal, you will not automatically be switched over to the local signal. You need to CALL your DishNetwork provider to request the new local service. Depending on the type of service you have, our understanding is that you may be required to obtain a different type of dish. Your provider can provide those details.

Unfortunately, we still haven't heard a definite date from DirecTV about offering this service. We suggest subscribers call DirecTV to ask them for details about when they may be providing the local channels.

What's this law all about?

If you bought satellite programming from companies like DirecTV, Echostar, DishNetwork, Prime Star, Netlink or Prime Time 24 and they sold you a package from an NBC affiliate outside the Sioux City television market, The Federal Courts say some of the companies may have sold you an "illegal" service.

Here's an explanation of this confusing case and gives you the KTIV's position on why you can't watch another NBC affiliate.

A simple TV antenna brings you the magic of television free from your local stations. Now satellites in the sky can deliver stations from around the world to your home for a price. But Congress and the courts say some satellite companies have been illegally selling customers NBC programming.

Think of it this way. KTIV television is a franchise, we own the rights to NBC programming here, the same way McDonalds is a franchise. A Denver McDonalds owner can't come in and set up shop here across the street to sell you the same McDonalds burgers. And Denver's NBC affiliate can't show you its NBC programming here because KTIV has the exclusive rights to provide NBC for our area.

A number of satellite dish owners have written us letters, asking for a waiver to watch the satellite NBC affiliate from another city. But if you fall within what is called our "Grade B" coverage area and get a good signal from us, in most cases KTIV will not give you a waiver to watch another NBC affiliate. If we can assess that you don't get a "Grade B quality" signal, then we can provide a waiver.

Everyone loves choice but the government limits it in TV for good reason. Local stations are an important part of what makes a community a community, but it also provides safety information. Weather alerts and emergencies. If you're watching a station in Denver or Erie, Pennsylvania when a tornado is bearing down on your community, you won't know what's happening.

Following is a list of questions viewers often ask relating to the Satellite Home Viewer Act. KTIV-TV has tried to briefly answer each question. If you desire a more complete response, or have other questions, please E-mail us at or call during regular business hours, M-F, 800-234-5848.

If I don't get a waiver to receive an out-of-market NBC station will I lose all of my satellite service?
Answer: No, you will continue to receive all other satellite service other than NBC.

Do I need a waiver to receive KTIV-TV?
Answer: No, you need an antenna. KTIV-TV, like most stations in our area, is not available on satellite.

Will I lose KTIV-TV on my cable system?
Answer: No, your cable service has nothing to do with SHVA.

I've had satellite service for years. Why has this suddenly become an issue?
Answer: Satellite providers were sued because they were consistently violating a federal law by selling network service to homes that could receive a local station. The courts told the satellite companies to stop and to pull the plug on customers who were sold the service illegally.

What's the most common reason for denying a waiver?
Answer: The home at which the waiver was denied is capable of receiving a good signal from KTIV-TV.

Why are you denying our waiver? We don't receive a good picture.
Answer: KTIV-TV only denies waivers to homes we believe are capable of receiving a good "Grade B quality" signal. There are many reasons homes don't receive a good picture. The least likely reason is a poor signal from our transmitter.

What's the most common reason for not receiving a good picture?
Answer: A poorly set-up or inadequate antenna. Correcting the problem may be as simple as pointing your antenna in the proper direction. If you use "rabbit ears," you may need an outdoor antenna. If you already have a rooftop antenna, you may need to make some simple adjustments.

My satellite company tells me KTIV-TV is denying all waivers. That's greedy, and it's not fair!
KTIV-TV's position: It's also not true! KTIV-TV has processed literally thousands of requests for waivers, and we've granted hundreds of them to viewers who cannot receive a "Grade B quality" signal.

How do I request a waiver?
On November 29, 1999, the President signed a new amendment to the Satellite Home Viewer Act into law. There is a change in the satellite waiver procedure. If you are a satellite subscriber you must now submit a waiver request for network signal directly to your satellite carrier. Your satellite carrier will evaluate your request. If they believe you qualify for a waiver they will forward your request to KTIV-TV.

If you should have any questions about how to submit a waiver request, we encourage you to call your satellite company, or go to .

Why isn't KTIV-TV on our satellite service?
Answer: As mentioned above, KTIV is now available as a local signal for DishNetwork subscribers. Remember, if you have previously received a waiver from KTIV to get a "distant" NBC signal, you will not automatically be switched to this new service. You will need to call your provider to request the new local signals.

DirecTV has not yet begun to offer this service. Call your satellite provider and suggest they make it available in our area.

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