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By Christy Batien

Osteoporosis In Men


Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones, causing them to break easily. It's often associated with older women, but it's now becoming a growing problem for men.

61 year old Harry Raup gets a Dexscan to check for osteoporosis.. a disease that causes weak bones to break easily, even in men. Dr. Robert Krone says, "It's 80% female, 20% male, but recently we've seen an increase in the male population come in for the scan."

The most common reason men get osteoporosis according to Dr. Jose Canales, "Some men undergoing treatment for prostate cancer are treated with medications that lower the testosterone level and that can put them at risk also for fractures." Patricia Gallo says, "And now that men are living longer and we're seeing more men with prostate cancer on lupron. I think we're starting to see more of these men coming through."

A Dexscan like this one will tell you if you have osteoporosis, but there are no other symptoms. You can not feel this disease. Harry says, "I have no pains or anything like that, but I would like to know where I stand." Osteoporosis bones are holy, porous, lighter, more likely to break. Unlike normal bone which is dense and packed with calcium. Over time, a diet rich in calcium, Vitamin-D, supplements, and when required medicine, can prevent and even reverse osteoporosis. This scan takes less than 10 minutes, and it's covered by insurance. Harry says, "It's cake! You just do it. It's like nothing."

A bone density scan is recommended for men over age 70, and for younger men who have prostate cancer or who smoke or drink heavily.

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