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by Rebecca Sunshine

Small Town Business Makes A Big Splash To Keep You Safe

It may be a small town but Oto, Iowa is home to a company that is making a splash in the business world.

Video Surveillance Services makes and distributes cameras that help cities and towns keep their water supply safe.

Ensuring the safety of the water supply is of primary importance for most towns.  To keep it safe, cities like Sioux Falls, South Dakota have their water towers inspected every 5 years.

"Primarily it's for the health and safety of our residents that clean safe water is critically important and part of that is the facilities that we store the water in," said Kevin Smith, Sioux Falls Public Works

To give city administrators the most accurate idea of what is going on inside their water tanks, Video Surveillance Services out of Oto, IA makes a water proof camera that can be attached to the divers helmets.

"It's for the town fathers for them to understand that if they need to repair something that they, if he has actual visual proof of it right there, they can say well we need to alot x amount of money for that repair," said Brian Stickney, part owner of VSS

When it comes time to look around inside the water tower, a diver climbs to the top with a helmet that has the camera attached, so they can capture on film what all is inside."

"Unlike going out and looking at a sidewalk you can just point out the crack and say well there is a cracked sidewalk.  You can't do that with the inside of a water tank because they are full of water," said Smith.

Terry Heck of Midwest Diving Services is currently testing the camera, he says the camera helps city administrators feel more confident in the work that is being done within the tank.

"They see the before, and we can show it during the repairs and the after, so they know exactly what kind of job they are getting," said Heck.

Using technology to help keep the town's water supply clean.

Midwest Diving Services is also using the camera to inspect bridges throughout Nebraska.

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