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About Screenbuilders

In 1993, Screenbuilders was purchased as a subsidiary of Schoon Construction, Inc., from Jeff Davis who sold and installed 3-season rooms from his home. Brenda, along with her duties to Schoon Construction, became manager of Screenbuilders, with some guidance from LeRoy Schoon.  Jeff Davis stayed with the company as a salesman and installer.

In 1993, Screenbuilders sold & installed 43 3-season rooms.  In 1994, 86 rooms sold.  1995 to the present well over100 projects each year sold.  To develop this market, we attended home shows and fairs in Northwest Iowa.  We developed some brochures and started advertising on TV.  With the growth we were experiencing, it was decided to separate Screenbuilders from Schoon Construction, Inc.    

Scherrin Inc., became registered as a corporation in the State of Iowa in 1995, Brenda Perrin as President, became the owner of Screenbuilders. 

On July 1, 2000, a branch office for Screenbuilders was started in Ankeny, Iowa.  Chris Perrin, family member, sells, installs and manages the Ankeny office.   

Due to changes in the industry in 2006, Screenbuilders started fabricating the 3 season and all season patio rooms in Cherokee.  This has allowed more flexibility in the construction time and assisted in keeping the costs down at a time when the raw material prices keep rising. 

Our company builds custom additions to enhance outdoor leisure living. An expanding area of business is innovative, energy-efficient building materials. While we have focused on serving the leisure needs of residential customers, we recognize growing opportunities in commercial building structure.

Our business dealings are guided by principles of:

  • Integrity of product and inter-personal relations.
    Treating employees, customers and suppliers as
       we would wish to be treated - with respect and
  • Personal commitment of our employees to deliver
       quality workmanship.
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