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Doctors: Economy's Stressing People Out

By Samantha Ptashkin

LOVES PARK- A new survey from the American Psychological Association shows eight out of 10 Americans stress over the economy. That's up about 15% from last April.  Psychologist Terrance Lichtenwald says stressing too much can have a bad impact on your health. It can wear down the immune system and cause chest pains.

Today's economy stresses many Americans to the max, especially baby boomers worried they're losing money. "We won't have it back before we get too old to work at the pace we work at," Dr. Lichtenwald said.

And that stress may be especially hard on women. "I've been more stressed and its affected my business a little," said Bonnie Capriola, who is self-employed.

"I find that I think about my finances more than I ever have before," said 22-year-old Katie Evans.  And Dr. Lichtenwald said that could be the key. Women might be more stressed because often times they're in charge of the family's finances. "If you wig out, then you're going to get sick and then you're going to have medical bills and then you're going to have real problems."

But there are ways to combat that stress before it gets out of hand. Activities like exercise, simply taking in a breath of fresh air and maybe even looking at life in the past, when it wasn't so fast paced. "The greatest generation, they could have a cup of lemonade and sit on a porch and share the experience," Dr. Lichtenwald said.

Another step people can take to de-stress is to identify exactly where that stress is coming from.

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