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More job seekers are turning to the Internet to beef up their resume


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KNTV) - Jobless claims have reached their highest level in 25 years and with more people looking for jobs, more people are brushing up on their skills to improve their resumes and they're doing it online.

For Kay Wagner, the combination of a recent layoff, a young child, and not having been in school for 13 years makes this job search an especially tough one. 

But she is determined to improve her resume.

"I just made the decision and said, 'it's time.'  I have to go in this direction, otherwise I can't advance the career I want to," said Wagner.

So Kay, like thousands of other job seekers, is e-learning using the web to get the skills she needs to find a new job.

"It's an advantage to be able to work at my own pace, and not leave the's a huge advantage, and that's why I went in that direction," said Wagner.

With more companies laying off, e-learning is catching on. 

Like Serebra, a company offering online courses to people who want to boost their resumes. 

It's seen a 600 percent rise in business in just one month.

"People with skills can enhance their skills, to improve their chances of employability," said Serebra CEO Ted Moorhouse.

And this is one school you can attend from the comfort of your own home because tough times often require new strategies.

"Sometimes we've seen signs of depression, then after they completed our courses and get jobs we see elation," Moorhouse said.

And the new classroom, is right in front of you.

E-learning companies like Serebra are also broadening the horizons of job hunters. 

Once people finish the classes, their new skill sets are on display for potential employers to see as well.

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