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Phone call could avoid trouble with DTV transition


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - The digital transition is a little different for everyone. But, if you have questions there's a number you can call to get answers, and we're going to make that call right now.

The number is 1-877-DTV-5353.

Now this phone call is an automated one that is going to ask you a series of questions to help assist you. 

First it'll ask you if you speak English or Spanish.

Just press the appropriate number depending on what language you wish to choose.

Next enter your zip code.

And here comes the personal part, the automated system wants to know what your t.v. is connected to.

If you have satellite service or cable provider the automated system urges you to contact the provider for transition details. 

The process gets a bit tricky if your non-digital t.v. is connected to an antenna. 

That's when the system will tell you about the converter box option.  You'll have to purchase in order to continue viewing with your analog set.  They also explain how to get a $40 rebate coupon from the government to help reduce the cost of the converter box. 

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