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Your Money: Applying for college scholarships


SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KTIV) - Are you a student with a 4.0 GPA? 3.5? Maybe a 3.0? If you plan on going to college in the fall, now is the time to apply for scholarships.

Robert Piechota is the assistant Vice President of Financial Aid and enrollment at Briar Cliff University and Karen Gagnon is the director of student financial planning at Morningside College... they're are going to share their insight with us on tonight's Your Money segment.

Kristie says, money is tight and scholarships can make a big difference.

Karen says, "There are many ways to apply for scholarships. They can apply on the internet, They can do it through their colleges through their financial aid office or through their high school guidance counselor. Not all are GPA based. They look at achievements and things that are unique to you, like being a diabetic."

Robert says, "There is a lot of money out there and you can find the perfect match for you."

Karen says, "Websites can help you find a personal match. You complete the interview online. Once you fill that out and send it, it compares your data with the database and sends you opportunities and it's up to you to fill out those opportunities and send it in to get the money."

Don't think that you're not smart enough. You can often get scholarships from organizations like Knights of Columbus, Rotary, from your parent's employers.. Tyson, HyVee. Best advice: check websites, talk to counselor and talk to the colleges about your options.

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