COVID patient returns to hospital that saved him to apologize for not getting vaccinated

Published: Nov. 1, 2021 at 1:51 PM CDT
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SEATTLE, Wa. (KOMO) – After being severely ill with COVID-19, Richard Soliz returned to the hospital that saved him to apologize for not getting vaccinated.

“I deeply regret not making the decision to get vaccinated,” Soliz said, apologizing to hospital staff.

“No one blames you or judges you,” pulmonologist Dr. James Town responded. “Everyone is just happy that you are willing to share the story, I think. And happy that you’re better.”

Soliz spent 28 days at Harborview Medical Center. He was on a ventilator and says he was hanging by a thread.

He points to social media as one of the reasons he didn’t get a COVID vaccine. He was reading about side effect claims of microchipping and questions about government approval.

He didn’t know anyone who’d gotten sick until he couldn’t breathe.

“That’s when I really knew I was in a bad situation,” Soliz said.

He says he was embarrassed when hospital staff asked him if he had been vaccinated.

“Please go get vaccinated because this virus is real. Real enough to take someone’s life, put you in the ICU,” Soliz said.

Soliz hopes his message will ease the burden on nurses and doctors.

“Never really get to see people get that much better, so it’s amazing. It makes it feel like it’s definitely all worth it, you know?” nurse Kimmy Siebens said. “We do put so much of our own heart into the care and worry.”

Soliz has since been vaccinated against COVID-19.

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