Sioux City man asks for help with winter coat donation drive

Published: Dec. 5, 2021 at 3:11 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - For the sixth year in a row, a Sioux City man is collecting winter coats for local kids that don’t have one to keep them warm.

Chuck Swaggerty got the idea one December morning, back in 2016, as he was dropping off his own kids at school. The temperature outside was nine-degrees, and Swaggerty saw several kids wearing light jackets.

Since then, he’s collected coats, and donated them to local elementary schools. Often he buys them with his own money, and relied on the charity of strangers.

But, donations have dwindled. And, he needs your help to keep kids warm this winter. KTIV’s Matt Breen recently talked with Swaggerty about his donation drive.

“Chuck, you started your winter coat drive in 2016... why do you continue this mission?” asked Matt Breen. “You know, every year we donate coat top schools they hand them all out,” said Chuck Swaggerty, Donation Drive Organizer. “There’s a need every year. So, there’s a need, and I get a lot out of doing it. I think the children, and the parents, are appreciative. There’s just a need for it in Siouxland, and people are struggling this time of year.”

“I know you’ve given to eight of the elementary schools in the Sioux City Community School District,” said Breen. “What’s your goal this year... and where are you with your coat collections and donations?” “So, right now, I’m at 215 coats that we’ve delivered to eight schools,” said Swaggerty. “My goal this year is 450. So, I’d like to reach that in the next couple of weeks before Christmas.”

“So, how can people watching help the cause?” asked Breen. “The easiest way is just to go out an buy a few winter coats, or order them online,” said Swaggerty. “You can find some really good deals. Just bring them to Whistle Stop Antiques. The address is 506 Nebraska Street. Just drop them off. That would be the best way.”

“What’s important to remember is that you want new coats,” said Breen. So, if they find those new coats to contribute, they should. Where can they drop them off? “Whistle Stop Antiques at 506 Nebraska Street,” said Swaggerty. “And, yes, new coats. Grade school sizes. Size 6 to size 18. For boys or girls.”

“If people can’t find new coats, or can’t shop for new coats, can they contribute money to your cause?” asked Breen. “They can,” said Swaggerty. “They can bring a donation into the store. I’ve ordered several times this year, and I’ll find some good deals. That’s another way people can donate.”

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