Tips on how to protect your packages from porch pirates this holiday season

Published: Dec. 6, 2021 at 6:21 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Porch pirates, they’re drawn to packages delivered to your doorstep this time of year. Thieves, snatching gifts right off your porch.

The Sioux City Police Department has some tips to stop real-life grinches and how to handle the situation if one hits your house.

“This is something we see year-round but we see an increase in this activity during the holidays when people are getting gifts sent to them. Since Oct. 1, we’ve only had ten cases reported but we believe these are underreported because people just think that their packages have been lost,” said Sgt. Jeremy McClure with the SCPD. “As more people are getting doorbell cameras and other surveillance cameras they’re starting to pick up more of these thefts and helping us by getting good video of the suspects.”

Although these not-so-Jolly Rodgers are tough to combat, Mcclure says there are some things you can do to prevent them from striking at your house.

“A way to prevent some of these thefts is to know when your package is going to be delivered and be home to receive it,” said McClure. “Or have your packages shipped somewhere someone will be and have them sign for them. There are also several different ways that companies are working with customers to put packages in garages or drop boxes that are available now.”

McClure says the best defense is simply being alert to what is going on in your neighborhood.

“Look out for suspicious things if it looks like someone is following delivery trucks or you see someone who looks like their casing the neighborhood or you see someone grab something off of someone’s porch get a good description and report it to the police and try to help us catch them a little bit sooner,” said McClure.

If these pirates end up taking your packages, the best thing to do is report to the police by calling the non-emergency number in your town.

“I think some people get frustrated and feel like there can’t be something done about it. But at the very least, let us know that there is a problem. Because typically it’s just a handful of people committing these thefts and they go in sprees. And it makes it a little easier for us to connect some of these dots and track them down faster,” said McClure.

Statistics show that burglaries and thefts are actually around average, in Sioux City when compared to past years. According to the SCPD, they expect the number of burglaries and thefts to be in the high teens, or low 20s, for each month.

There were 43 reported thefts in October and November of 2020. During the same two months of 2021, police say there have been 42 reported burglaries and thefts.

Last December there were 17 reported burglaries. Just six days into the month of December, this year, police report six burglaries.

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