ONE-ON-ONE: Iowa Senate District 1 Candidate Dave Rowley

Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 9:35 PM CST
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SPIRIT LAKE, Iowa (KTIV) - The ballot is set for a December 14th special election to fill a vacant seat in the Iowa Senate’s 1st District.

Democrat Mark Lemke, and Republican Dave Rowley, will face off for the seat representing Clay, Dickinson, Lyon, Osceola and Palo Alto Counties in northwest Iowa. The winner will serve the remaining year of State Senator Zach Whiting’s term in the Iowa Senate.

KTIV’s Matt Breen spoke with Rowley ahead of the December 14th special election.

“Dave, what’s your top priority if elected to fill the remaining year of Senator Zach Whiting’s term in the Iowa Senate?” asked Breen. “My top priority is to find out where Zach was on his bills, and what is in action right now,” said Dave Rowley, (R) Iowa Senate District 1 Candidate. “I’ll follow up on the committee work that he’s done. There is some legislation out there to follow up on. For example, there’s the Airport Parks and Service sales tax that is an issue. That SF-109. And, I’m going to be looking into that on behalf of the independent airports around the state of Iowa, and definitely in our area have already visited with some of those folks. I’m going to follow up with some of the contacts that Zach has made in our district. And, what concerns they have. I’ve already discussed that with a lot of central committee members from each of our counties. And, there are certain issues demographically, like declining population, aging, providing services for people who live in those communities and supporting them. I’m also going to take a look at sales tax, I’m sorry, the income tax, the state income tax, that’s in the works in the legislature right now. And, considering the fact that we’re so close to Sioux Falls, and South Dakota, that is something that interests me quite a bit. How they do that, and how Iowa can possibly adjust to retain more people here under those circumstance with lower state income tax. And, also, just to take a look at tax relief in general. I’m also very excited about supporting our police and first responders. But, following in Zach footsteps, his big footsteps... he was kind of a policy wonk, and a great guy. But, I’ll be really helped by Representatives John Wills, and Representative Megan Jones. I’m looking forward to that as a trifecta.”

“If elected, you’ll be in the majority in the Iowa Senate... how will that help achieve your goals?” asked Breen. “It’ll help tremendously with that,” said Rowley. “But it will also allow us, in this Senate district, to get through some of those programs that have already begun. Keeping schools open, watching the climate of mandates and how that’s been developing.”

“Will you run for re-election in 2022, which-- after redistricting-- would remove Lyon and Osceola counties from the district, and add Emmet, Kossuth and Winnebago?” asked Breen. “Absolutely,” said Rowley. “One of the reasons that I got into this race was because I had a decision. Do I want to stand on the sidelines and watch things happen? Or do I want to get involved and make things happen? After the redistricting, this gives us an opportunity to spread out and branch out a little bit more. I will miss Lyon and Osceola counties. They’re great people, but they’re not going very far. Bringing on Kossuth and Winnebago is a challenge for me, but I’m definitely planning on running. Yes.”

The last day to vote in-person by absentee ballot is Monday, December 13th. Special election day is Tuesday, December 14th. Polls are open from 7:00am to 8:00pm.

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