Sioux City school board member: Administration cut out of agenda planning

Published: Dec. 14, 2021 at 7:03 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Monday night’s school board meeting was a marathon, with tempers flaring at times between directors, over alleged private policymaking between the board president and other members.

School Board Member Perla Alarcon-Flory says a private document dictated the board’s Monday agenda, and that specialized staff within the district weren’t consulted.

“There are proper channels to those ideas,” said Alarcon-Flory. “And one of them is actually visiting with our administration, actually having a conversation, actually gaining feedback, actually hearing from cabinet members, from principals and from personnel.”

At times during the meeting, Alarcon-Flory and Board President Dan Greenwell sparred over a private document apparently circulated among only some board members that set the agenda for the night and didn’t include district staff to Alarcon-Flory’s satisfaction.

“We exposed our district to unnecessary worry and anguish,” she said.

Greenwell defended the private document, saying it was only a recommendation, and that the board is trying to be flexible in its decision making.

“I think that was never the board’s intention to have a rigid process. The board is reasonably flexible, and quite frankly, wanting to use common sense in this process,” said Greenwell.

A school district spokeswoman told KTIV News 4 that the topics on the private document did make it on the public agenda.

While Greenwell delivered the document to district staff ahead of the meeting, it’s unclear which members signed onto it. Board Member Monique Scarlett asked which four members agreed to the proposed agenda but never received an answer during the meeting.

Official school board policy indicates the president and vice president set the meeting agenda, in consultation with the district superintendent. There is no requirement in the policy that four members agree to a proposed agenda item to place it on the schedule, according to the official policy.

Any member can request an item be placed on an agenda, subject to the president’s ruling, and final vote by the rest of the board.

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