Grassley says Schumer continues blocking drug pricing bill

Published: Feb. 22, 2022 at 5:23 PM CST
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley met with Kwanis Club members in Le Mars Tuesday, where they asked him about high prescription drug prices, Ukraine and hospital staffing shortages.

Grassley says fellow Republican Mitch McConnell, then the majority leader, blocked his drug pricing bill when Republicans last held the majority in the U.S. Senate because the bill would harm pharmaceutical companies. He also says then minority leader Chuck Schumer, the Democratic leader, joined McConnell in blocking the bill because the bill would have been a success for then-President Donald Trump.

“I think it’s going to continue to build and eventually Congress can’t ignore what people are feeling at the grassroots about the high cost of drugs,” Grassley said Tuesday.

Grassley says his bill passed out of a Senate committee two years ago but never received a vote on the Senate floor.

Members also questioned Grassley about tensions in Ukraine.

Grassley told the group the United States should supply Ukraine with not just defensive weapons, but offensive weapons as well.

“If you’re talking about military involvement of NATO in the United States, through troops in your Ukraine, no, but we should make sure that we give Ukraine the equipment that they need to fight a successful effort and defend themselves,” he said.

Kwanis Club members also questioned Grassley about hospital staffing shortages and the use of traveling nurses.

Grassley also says he supports legislation that would require third-party healthcare staffing providers to give further transparency in their pricing.

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