Gov. Reynolds leads GOP response to State of the Union

Published: Mar. 1, 2022 at 10:22 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds shared the spotlight with President Biden Tuesday night. The Republican party chose Reynolds to give the response to the Democratic President’s State of the Union.

Governor Reynolds started off with an area where Americans have voiced frustration - inflation.

“It feels like President Biden and his party have sent us back in time to the late ‘70′s and early ‘80′s when runaway inflation was hammering families.”

She said the answer to inflation was less government action and cutting taxes. She kept with the “less is more” theme when emphasizing her approach to the pandemic—opening schools to in-person learning and banning mask mandates.

Like President Biden, Gov. Reynolds expressed solidarity with Ukraine, but she criticized the President’s foreign policy before the Russian invasion and said his actions were “too little too late.” Those criticisms included “waiving sanctions on Russian pipelines while eliminating oil production here at home, focusing on political correctness instead of military readiness.”

She returned to the idea of limited government toward the end of her speech, saying “Bold action doesn’t have to mean government action.”

You can watch Reynolds full speech here:

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