Reynolds touts tax plan, meeting with opponents to carbon pipeline in Sioux City campaign stop

Published: Mar. 18, 2022 at 4:21 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds hit the campaign trail in northwest Iowa after she announced her re-election intentions earlier this month.

Reynolds addressed private pipeline companies that may use eminent domain to complete their projects.

Gov. Reynolds styled herself as the polar opposite of President Joe Biden at the Wheelhouse on Southern Hills Drive in Sioux City. And Reynolds says she will meet with those who are concerned about two carbon pipelines that would run through Siouxland and those projects could use eminent domain.

“We worked really hard to get significant language into Iowa code to make sure that we were protecting our farmers that there was a process in place where that they were not only protected but they were adequately reimbursed if for some reason, you know, we had to use eminent domain,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds opponents have seized on her tax plan - which was recently signed into law. Detractors say the flat 4% tax could mean those in the lowest income brackets would pay more tax. Reynolds says that’s not the case.

“A significant number of Iowans already don’t pay taxes because of the earned income tax credit. So we have a majority of Iowans that already actually aren’t paying any tax and actually get a refund back,” said Gov. Reynolds.

In her speech Friday, Reynolds did not mention any opponents by name and did not attack specific policies by other candidates.

Reynolds is running for her second full term as governor. She’ll face small business owner, and former Secretary of State candidate, Deidre DeJear, a Democrat. DeJear will visit Sioux City tomorrow.

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