Iowa state senate candidates battle over residency of former White House staffer

Photos of Anthony LaBaruna, left, and Lynn Evans, right.
Photos of Anthony LaBaruna, left, and Lynn Evans, right.(KTIV)
Published: Mar. 25, 2022 at 5:19 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - In the Iowa Senate’s 3rd District, near Aurelia and Storm Lake, a fight is brewing over one candidate’s eligibility.

Lynn Evans, a longtime school superintendent, has filed an official complaint with the secretary of state’s office. Evans says Anthony LaBruna, a former White House employee, doesn’t actually live in northwest Iowa. Both LaBruna and Evans are running as Republicans.

LaBruna says he has been an Iowa resident since 2016 when he attended Iowa State University.

LaBruna admits he does have a second home in Florida where he recently worked, though Evans says he doesn’t meet the requirements of becoming an Iowa resident one year before a state senate election.

We asked both of them for their take on the objection.

“My objection is that Mr. LaBruna has recently moved to Iowa, shortly before he announced his candidacy. And did he meet the requirements of being here by Nov. 8? This is what’s being called into question,” said Evans.

“I’ve met the requirements of over a year, I’ve met the requirements for being in the district. And I think again, this is just a way for my opponents to take the choice away from voters,” said LaBruna.

Next Tuesday an elections board comprised of statewide officeholders will decide whether LaBruna is a legal candidate.

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