Local ‘Sioux-lebrities’ test their knowledge at “Are You Smarter Than Our Fourth Graders?”

Published: Apr. 24, 2022 at 7:31 PM CDT
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SIOUX CITY (KTIV) - Siouxlanders put their knowledge to the test on Sunday night during Sioux City’s very own live game show.

“Are You Smarter Than Our Fourth Graders?” benefits the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation, which supports public education in Sioux City.

Fourth graders from several different Sioux City schools know they work hard in school, and on Sunday they tested their knowledge against some local “Sioux-lebrities”.

“Well, they were kind enough to give us a study guide. So I’ve done some studying and used Google a little bit to look up some things and we’re gonna find out how well my study skills are after, you know, not using them for for 30 years or so, but we brushed them off and we’ll find out,” said Chad Sheehan, Woodbury County Sheriff.

The six game show contestants, including KTIV’s Claire Bradshaw, answered questions on elementary school topics. They could call on the students for help, or could ask the audience.

“We had an opportunity to kind of interact with the kids. It was a great experience, which is why we’re all here is for the kids,” said Sheehan.

The event helps to support the Sioux City Public Schools Foundation to help out with public education needs around the community.

“This is a big fundraiser for the foundation every year. And we count on this to help us do all the things that that we try to do in the community. There’s a lot of needs in our community that are just not able to be funded by taxpayer resources by the district,” said Skip Perley, Sioux City Community Schools Foundation President.

And the ultimate question.. who was smarter than the fourth graders? That would be C.W. Suter’s very own John Baker.

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