Firearm vendors face hunting supply shortages

Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 6:35 PM CDT
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WEST POINT, Neb. (KTIV) - Demands for AR-15′s and similar weapons have risen following President Joe Biden’s speech last Thursday calling for stricter gun legislation and a potential ban on some styles of firearms.

Still, supply has not been an issue.

Firearm manufacturers across the country ramped up production of high-capacity firearms and ammunition following Joe Biden’s election, expecting a similar spike in sales to when Barack Obama was elected in 2008. However, according to one Siouxland firearms retailer, what’s been much more difficult to find has been hunting supplies.

“Right now, my shelves are full,” said Kevin Miserez, Owner of Elkhorn Valley Outfitters & Gunsmithing. “My wholesalers got everything else. But try to find regular ammunition, .243, .270, .30-06, 30-30, ammunition that you’d normally use for hunting. It’s hard to find.”

Miserez says that this first became an issue in 2020 when production slowed and the cost of raw materials spiked as a result of the pandemic.

Additionally, at his shop, the demand for hunting ammunition has remained higher than the styles of weapons proposed in Biden’s potential ban.

“The demand for hunting stuff is really high,” said Miserez. “I sell more ammunition for hunting stuff than I do for ARs, 9 millimeters, anything like that right now. Cause that’s what people are looking for, cause it’s been hard to find for almost two years now.”

Miserez says that he has received calls about high-capacity firearms but they haven’t materialized into more purchases.

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