Old small-town bank in South Dakota converted into home

Published: Jun. 23, 2022 at 5:02 PM CDT
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VOLIN, SD (KTIV) - Volin, South Dakota is a cute, calm and quiet town of just over 170 people. It’s also home to one of the most unique homes you’ll see.

This building, originally opened in 1890, housed both the town bank and library. And with its sturdy foundation, it’s stood the test of time.

“It’s got huge granite rocks for a foundation,” said Michelle Maloney, Broker/Owner of Maloney Real Estate in Vermillion, SD. “And if you look on the outside, there’s not one, like, crack going down. I mean, this thing is built so solidly.”

When someone eventually moves into the home, it won’t have been the first time that people lived in the old Volin Bank.

Back in 2004, two locals bought the bank from the town and lived there for over a decade. And those two were actually famous figures in the local community.

Those two were film director Charles Nauman, who helped make movies such as Johnny Vik, Tahtonka, and Holy Man: The USA vs Douglas White, and his wife, renowned Norwegian textile artist Grete Bodøgaard. After purchasing the bank from the town, they got to work converting it into a livable home.

“They, at that time, turned the teller station into, like, the kitchen area, and then turned the managers office into a bedroom,” said Maloney. “And then there was another area, it was right outside the vault, and they kind of made that a second living room. And then the back, what would’ve been like a fire room, I think they turned into an office and laundry room.”

Sadly, Charles and Grete both passed away in the mid-2010s, and the bankhouse has been vacant ever since.

Though the house may now need some work before it’s ready to be lived in, that hasn’t stopped it from catching people’s eyes across the globe.

“Well, I looked on the way here, and the post from Cheap Old Houses on Instagram had 45,361 likes,” said Maloney. “I think over the weekend I had over 300 registrations on my website from people all over the world.”

Maloney knows that with the right owner, the home could be a special place.

“I would love to see somebody do something with it because it just needs to be loved.”

An offer was recently placed on the home in early June, and is expected to close in August.

While we may not know how much they paid, we do know it was probably quite the bargain: The home was previously listed for just $87,000.

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